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Estate Planning

Everyone wants to make sure that their hard-earned assets are protected, and that their loved ones are taken care of when they pass away.  At The Law Offices of Behler, Weesner, & McElroy, LLC, our attorneys are here to assist you and your family in developing a complete and thoughtful plan for the future.


Estate planning can be complicated and feel overwhelming, and it is not a one-size-fits-all process.  Our team works diligently to understand the unique circumstances of each client and family in order to form an estate plan that best suits their needs.  Once we fully know your situation and wishes, we will work collaboratively to create an individualized plan to include will(s), medical and financial powers of attorney, living will(s), and any other instrument that is necessary to accomplish your goals (such as a trust).  We will discuss a variety of ways to preserve your wealth and minimize tax implications for your loved ones in the future.  We will also ensure that you understand every detail of your estate plan and understand alternative ways to plan, if appropriate.


In addition to traditional estate planning, The Law Offices of Behler, Weesner, & McElroy, LLC will happily assist you with estate administration, represent you in probate disputes, or help you file for a guardianship or conservatorship should the need arise.   


Come in and meet with us for a free consultation to discuss options and solutions to plan for your future.

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